Saturday, August 8, 2015

Another stupid man gets a well-deserved slapdown*

It's so funny when guys in commercials try to do things that don't involve cars, trucks, barbecues or killing weeds, don't you think?

This guy thought he was finally doing something right when he bought the bargain brand dishwashing detergent.  Hey look, honey, I'm saving us money!

Haha, loser.  Your wife is setting you back into your place and setting you straight- sure, you "saved" a little money, but now we have to use twice as much, Dumbass Why Don't You Stay In The Garage Until It's Time To Get Me Pregnant Again Idiot Man?  And now it's back to the store to buy what every woman knows is the GOOD detergent- bet you bump into a few other moron males who thought they could buy detergent too.  Jackass.

I bet this doofus even buys bread and clothes and tries to parent his kids every once in a while, and it always turns out badly because....hey, he's a guy.  Probably spends half his life apologizing for trying to act like he knows what he's doing.  If he would just stick to buying Round-Up and pickups, they'd both be better off.

*snark, of course.  Just imagine the roles being reversed in this ad, with the guy lecturing his wife and sending her back to the store.  Maybe in 1955.  Not today.


  1. Yeah, it's another ad where the woman knows more about cleaning than the man because she's the woman and All Women Are Experts On Cleaning. Barf.

    Speaking of Roundup--have you seen their latest ad? It so perfectly appeals to their target market it's scary. It positions the suburban husband, dad and homeowner as a John Wayne type who exerts his macho-tude and protects his homestead by pointing the Roundup gun at the weeds in his lawn because "the only good weed is one that's dead." I'm sure it's a big hit with politically conservative McMansion-dwellers everywhere.

    1. I haven't, but I'll keep my eye out. Sounds very snarkable.