Saturday, August 1, 2015

I'm surprised Chevy let them keep their clothes on

Know what the saddest thing is about this horrible lump of pain disguised as a commercial?

It's not the kid in the background banging on a toy piano during the whole thing, though that is pretty damned awful.  It's not that it's allegedly trying to sell us cars, and never you damn mind that 90 percent of it has absolutely nothing to do with cars at all.

It's not the Real People: Not Actors caption, though that's part of it.  I'm sorry to see that these people are not actors, because if they were acting, they'd have an excuse for this awfulness.

No, the saddest thing about this ad is that Chevrolet got a group of total strangers into a room, sat them down at a table with nametags, started asking them probing, embarressing questions about themselves so that they could be laughed at by the others- and not one of them responded by getting up and leaving.  Clearly, the cameras and the implied promise of facetime in a commercial for SOMETHING was enough to keep these soulless cretins in their seats,   It's almost frightening to think what the choad Chevy tool running this thing might have asked, knowing damn well that no level of humiliation and shame would have convinced these dignity-deficient bags of mucus to say "F--this" and just. Walk. Away.

Hope you enjoyed your moment in the --umm. "spotlight," you ugly nobodies.  Was it really worth it?

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  1. Wow. I've never seen this before, but it's like the Milgram experiment reworked as a TV commercial.

    I thought the one I've seen was bad enough. In that one, a mom with two kids is shown two cars, one of them being a Chevy and the other one some other car, and is told the Chevy has all these safety features that the other one lacks. Then she is told she has to choose which of her two children will ride in the Chevy and which in the car without the safety features. They await her answer as she says, with understandable disgust, that it's horrible and unfair to make her choose which of her children will ride in the safer car. Then they laugh and say "Ha ha, we were just kidding, they BOTH get to ride in the Chevy."

    And she's RELIEVED. Not disgusted at Sophie's Choice made into a TV commercial. Just RELIEVED.

    This whole concept for ads is just revolting, and makes me not want to buy a Chevy ever, just to punish them for making these commercials.