Thursday, August 6, 2015

They'll "grow up?" You mean, unlike their idiot parents, Microsoft?

So....our kids will be even more helpless, techno-obsessed dweebs than their parents?  Great.  Someone tell them- if they are smart, they'll delay moving beyond blankies and soft toys and on to "play with this electronic stuff because Mommy is really busy downloading Aps right now" junk as long as possible.

Oh, and they'll grow up with Windows 10- really?  Like kids two years ago were going to grow up with Windows 8?  Like Microsoft won't be apologizing for all of the bugs in Windows 10 this time next year, and by the time the infants and toddlers shown in this ad are heading off to preschool they won't be "growing up" with Windows 12?  We are supposed to believe this?

(BTW, what is with that last kid?  Is that supposed to be charming?  Because I found it a lot more creepy and weird than charming.)


  1. Actually, Microsoft has said that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows, and that they'll improve it over time rather than releasing 11, 12, so on.

    I've upgraded from 8.1. It's a good OS. But the ad's pretentious in a way only Apple usually gets away with.

    1. So their next version of Windows won't be called "Windows," like "the next sequel in this crappy series won't really be a sequel, because look no roman numeral."

    2. They say that they will not release another entire OS. They'll continually improve Windows 10, as Apple has done with Mac OS X.

  2. Yeah, and Gates once said that an OS should never be larger than 144KB. Don't you believe it!