Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Trying to understand this Miller Lite ad...

I mean, I should give it a shot since it's going to be on every commercial break during the Orioles-Tigers game this afternoon, right?

So this guy is heading off to do Karaoke - and feels compelled to let the convenience store know about it.  Before he goes, however, he needs to buy a six pack of light beer.

1.  Why?  Don't Karaoke bars serve beer?  He clearly doesn't need to drink a few beers before he works up the nerve to sing in front of an audience, since at the drop of a hat he'll belt out a line for a total stranger (who really needs that condescending smirk wiped off his face btw.)  Maybe it's for the audience, which might respond better to his crooning after a few beers?

2.  Am I supposed to think it's charming that the smarmy convenience store guy needs to know what they guy's plans are for the night?  Um, is this an f--ing store or not?  Ask for my ID, give me my change, mind your own g-d damned business, smarmy convenience story monkey.

As for the "let's hear some," um-- no.  Come to the bar and hear me sing there if you want.  I'm not your f--ng trained seal, knob.

3.  If this guy is going to do Karaoke, why would he be at all gobsmacked when a woman comes in during his idiot screeching?  Oh right- because he's not drunk yet?

4.  How is any of this supposed to make me thirsty for watered-down beer?

Meh, no.  I still don't get it.


  1. This commercial is also shown approximately 9,438 times during each Indians game. As if the games themselves aren't painful enough, they make the fans suffer through this.

    1. Sports Illustrated needs to stop picking Cleveland to win the World Series. The last time they did it- I think it was around 1990- they lost 100 games. This year they are doing better, but they aren't making the playoffs.

      They picked the Indians to beat the Nationals- who are going to have to fight to win the East for a change this year...