Thursday, August 20, 2015

Both of these grinning idiots need to be beaten to death, right now

Hashtag just being honest.  Hashtag I hate the 21st century.  Hashtag the sooner the whole Hashtag thing is over the better.   Hashtag bite me, Honda.

1 comment:

  1. Know which one I hate the most? The one with the guy who's getting his first apartment so now it's time for him to get a "hashtag big-boy car." Just another example of the infantilization of adulthood. "Big-boy/big-girl bed" has become the term parents use with toddlers when they finally graduate from the crib to a bed without bars on all sides. Now, apparently, when young adults are old enough to stop living in Mom's basement, they graduate from driving whatever beater they were able to afford with their high-school-job money at age 16 to buying a "big-boy car." How adorable...Hashtag "Get me a bucket."