Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hulu Presents: One of the most disgusting, rage-inducing commercials of all time

So in this ad, Hulu basically decides that it's one gigantic freaking joke that Americans have become disgusting television addicts, incapable of going anywhere without glowing screens to stare at, no longer able to carry on conversations with fellow humans, just taking in electronic entertainment while their brains atrophy.  Yeah, this is super funny.  The joke's on us, but it's super funny.  Right?

And to add to the joke, Hulu is giving us even more to waste our time on, because it's all about tv all the time, forever and ever.  Thanks to Hulu we will never ever ever run out of crap to glue our eyes to as the world continues to go on without us, all around us, totally ignored by us because Hey TV.

The final few seconds of this obnoxious crud is one of the loudest, angriest and most violent slaps in the face of society I have ever seen.  Remember, this isn't about turning the f--ng tv off and getting outside and actually taking part in society by interacting with the world.  This commercial is the equivalent of pointing and laughing at an alcoholic while handing him the keys to a wine cellar- and then laughing some more.

And in the end, some people watch this disgusting display and think "hey cool, Hulu looks awesome" because they are already lost.  They already eat lunch "with" people but spend all their time on their phones instead of talking to the people they are "with."  They already DVR hour after hour of tv and then binge-watch crap that does nothing but suck hours away they will never, ever get back.  They are already the walking dead (another show they binge-watch and are proud of binge-watching) and they think that's funny, or cool, or perfectly normal.

As I've posted before, I never stop being grateful that I grew up before all this became normal.  I can't believe this is a world anyone wants to live in.  Yet this commercial is not a warning.  It's an f--ing promise.  And yes, it's actually supposed to be funny.  Ugh.

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