Sunday, March 12, 2017

Another Good2Go dose of Depression. You're welcome.

Here's another idea, Martyr Mom- instead of acting as if you woke up one day with two kids and no money, go back in time and plan a little differently.  Or maybe just plan.  Then maybe you won't have two kids, bags of groceries, and no auto insurance....

Wait a minute.  So buying a car would be no problem- it's the insurance payments which would keep food out of the mouths of those kids (who, I'm sorry, really lost the genetic lottery.  Sorry kids, your mom is a moron and you are going to pay the price?)  And now that you are about to learn about Good2Go's super-convenient Low Low Prices For Sort Of Insurance Hey It Meets the Bottom Of The State Standards, you suddenly have the dough to buy a car so you can drive to the store and buy...well, what, exactly, since its hard to see how you also have money now....

Here's a tip, Stupid Woman Who Really Really Needs a Time Machine:  In another couple of years, those kids will be big enough to help you with the groceries.  Then they'll be out of the house most of the time with their friends who have parents with measurable IQs and both food AND transportation.  Then you can just grab food for yourself before you hop on that bus.  And wonder what happened to your youth and your dreams of a decent life.

Oh and btw, thanks for perpetuating the "single black mom" stereotype.  Really needed to see that again.


  1. People on Good2Go ads always have cars. Because, apparently, it's more face-saving to own a car you can't drive because you can't afford insurance than it is to just not be able to afford a car in the first place. These bus riders are always assuring us "I HAVE a car." In other words, please don't assume I'm some disloyal American or some poor bum just because I take the bus. The problem isn't being able to afford a car, It's the damn INSURANCE, you see...

    Of course, if they can't afford car insurance, it really does make you wonder a bit exactly what kind of car they could afford, doesn't it? And if it's enough of a beater that they could afford it, isn't it much, much more likely to cause the kind of accident that is going to require some serious insurance?

    1. People who will buy a car when they can't afford insurance will indulge in a pet they can't afford to feed. As you say, they are more into instant gratification and face-saving than planning.

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