Saturday, March 18, 2017

Here's another thing on tv that happened....

No kidding, this is an actual commercial and not a parody.  And you don't have to watch it twice, because you've got to me to confirm what you thought your eyes saw but couldn't quite believe:

The black woman and her little baby and a guy who may or may not be that kid's father show up at this fly-by-night "Tax Solutions" place while the narrator tells us that sometimes, life gets "complicated."  I think it's fair to assume that the little baby is the "complication" that has popped up. The tax prep person hands her- or the blurry guy next to her- a check for TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS (exactly) which, unless she is there to sell that baby, can in context only be taken as a tax refund.

The blurry guy then throws his hands into the air- he's really happy with the ten thousand dollar check, it seems, and who can blame him?  I mean, ten thousand dollars- that's about five years of refunds for me, and I set extra money aside every paycheck to assure a refund.  Ten thousand dollars?  Really?

Never mind the context.  This woman and her blurry significant other are selling that baby.

And all of this is being done to some steady beat while some smooth-talking jackass waves a fistful of money at the viewing public.  My confidence in the legitimacy of this organization is just soaring.  Maybe its the multiple locations, all conveniently located to liquor stores, lottery outlets and pawn shops.  Maybe its that music.  Or maybe its simply that ten thousand dollar check.  Yep, it's settled.  No Liberty Tax for me this year!


  1. This ad reminds me of another egregious one -- Title Max.

    Ads for Title Max show people being handed wads of cash for things like emergency medical expenses or Christmas shopping -- things people shouldn't have to borrow money for.

    Then the ad campaign's jingles are "I got my title back with Title Max" and "Get your title back with Title Max".

    Yeah, you get back the title to your car -- IF you repay the money you were loaned at such a high rate of interest that it ought to be called usury.

    1. I've done a post on Title Max before, but I think they are definitely due for a revisiting.

  2. Hey, what are you doing knocking this establishment? After all, it's been "an industry leader in the Mid-South for OVER SIX YEARS"!

    1. My guess is that we can say the same about Rent A Center and Golden Corral.