Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tax10000, another tax cheat enabler making my hobby so much easier

Never mind the super-cheesy "Owed" v. "Really Paid" graphics, or the "Are you sitting down?  You only owe this much.."  (yeah, that sounds like a message from a company I would trust.  Super professional.)  Never mind the stupid scene with the "married couple" who look like they are in their late-teens are struggling with big wads of paper- how the hell did these people get into such a big tax mess before they were old enough to go to prom?

No, the most hilarious part of this ad is at the very beginning, when the first guy plays us his recording from Tax100000 or whatever telling him that he only owes $8000 of a $50,000 tax bill.  It's hilarious because you know damn well that five seconds after he got that recording, he was on the phone with another RipOffTheGovernmentDontPayYourLegitTaxes scumbag agency to complain about the remaining $8000.  And that he'll be in debt to the tune of about $50,000 five years from now.  Because you can't fix stupid OR selfish.


  1. I seem to recall actually saying once that the interesting thing about this commercial is that it's had to be updated with new video for the same old script, because it got to the point where the phones just looked so dated it was ridiculous. I mean, even look at the second woman's device: it's a BlackBerry. With actual KEYS on it. When's the last time you saw one of those? 15 years ago? And the last couple, I believe, had a flip phone. Had to update that to at least look like something less than 10 years old.

    But the part of this commercial that has always really annoyed me is the "Are you sitting down?" part. Really, how unprofessional can you get? Is anyone who managed to dicker down your tax bill for you going to start out saying so by asking "Are you sitting down?" If so, I wouldn't trust them any more than if they started out by saying "Is your refrigerator running? Well, if so you better go catch it and put some champagne in it because I got your tax bill down to..."

    1. the guy in the first part has a big bulky phone with an Answering Machine, too.

  2. What kind of company would lave personal details like that in a voice mail -- something that the intended recipient may or may not receive?

    I just saw an ad for another company that offers the same service. The part that caught my attention was the narrator saying that the company "would guide you through" the process of negotiating with the IRS. You mean the same process that the IRS would tell you about for free if you just call them and ask?