Saturday, March 4, 2017

For another ten cents, will Checkers give you a napkin?

This disgusting ad- and other versions of it- show up on the television mounted to my elliptical at the gym only about four hundred freaking times an hour.  And every time it does, I ask myself the same questions-

1.  If this woman is sitting in her own damn home eating this greasy stuff, why can't she find anything to wipe her damn fingers with other than her tongue?  She doesn't have a paper towel, cloth towel, or napkin, anywhere in that entire house?  Cripes.

2.  Why would this ad appeal to anyone?  It doesn't make the food look good, and it sure doesn't make me hungry.  It actually turns my stomach little.  Plus, the message is "if you're the kind of person who likes to buy cheap stuff, here's our cheap food to fit your lifestyle."  Ugh.

1 comment:

  1. Do I really have to spell it out?? To you?? A grown man?? Or are you just playing dumb??

    You KNOW why this woman has nothing to wipe her fingers off with but her tongue. You KNOW why she's shown practically flirting with her burger before she eats it. You KNOW why she's always shown in slow motion, opening her mouth wide to fit in That Whole. Big. Hunk of Meat...while sensuous music plays. And why she's always shown sucking sauce or grease off her fingertips in slow motion. Do I really have to draw you a picture?

    It's not the food that's being sold here. They're just kinda hoping you're paying so much attention to her that somehow you will associate their food with...her. Opening her mouth and wrapping it around stuff. Enough said.