Saturday, March 25, 2017

Senokot "Secrets," or Another Thing That Happened on my TV

Let's see if I get this straight.  Stop me if I miss something:

This woman comes home to her glowing-white house and drops a bag of stuff on the kitchen table.  For some totally inexplicable reason her Significant Other looks into the bag and sees the box of constipation medication.....and instead of just reading the freaking cover, feels compelled to take the box out and ask "what's this?"

"What's this?"  Um, it's exactly what it says on the freaking cover, you illiterate moron.  You sound like you want to say "aren't you feeling well?" or "how much did this cost?"  Instead you come off like someone who literally can't read the freaking cover of your wife's over-the-counter medication.  In short, you sound like a clueless, lazy schmuck.

But maybe you two belong together.  After all, instead of slapping you upside the head and spitting "what the hell do you think it is, read the g-d d--ned box, clueless!" your wife launches into a Right Off The Cue Cards pitch for the medication.  At times she sounds downright defensive, but for most of her scene she comes off as a woman who has been accused of doing something very wrong but who has rehearsed her alibi for quite some time.

Maybe it's the nice house- women have been known to put up with a hell of a lot in exchange for that nice house.   Or maybe she's just dim as her husband.  Either way.

BTW, the final ten seconds of this ad go a long way toward convincing me that it was originally shot in another language.  The woman says "and it usually works overnight" and walks away as if she's just done a mic drop- was that really her parting pitch?  And the final shot of the guy looking at the box again and saying....absolutely nothing....well, that just doesn't look right at all.

So, did I miss anything?

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  1. This whole commercial is just...dumb. And the central pitch (aside from this stuff working overnight) is? That it is a "natural," "vegetable" laxative. And that MATTERS TO HER. Oh, she wouldn't want to use any of those nasty chemicals for her constipation. No, sirree. Well, lah-di-dah.

    This ad also reminds me of one you will no doubt cover soon: the one currently running for Fleet glycerin suppositories. Yep, all you do is stick it where the sun don't shine, and it supposedly takes care of your problem much faster than oral remedies: 15 MINUTES! In other words, folks, don't put in this stuff and then get in the car for your half-hour (or longer) commute to work. And don't put it in right before bed. Yeesh.