Thursday, March 23, 2017

Another headache-inducing commercial inspired by- ADD, maybe?

I'm not at all sure why this automotive oil commercial, which at least for the first twenty seconds plays out like every car commercial produced over the last twenty years or so, had to be "inspired" by the fifteenth episode of some stupid action movie series, but whatever.

No, I did not get past the first twenty seconds.  Cripes, this thing runs for more than two minutes, and its been a long week, and I have to teach tomorrow, and life is way too short even if none of those things were true.  I think we can get the message in fifteen seconds.  It's a commercial for engine oil.  It's got a tie-in with a stupid movie featuring really fast cars and guns and explosions.  We get it.  WTF-ever.


  1. Oh, one more thing: It's got a woman wearing a skimpy top in freezing cold weather. You just can't have a car products ad without a hot chick in it for the guys to drool over, can you?

    1. Which is especially insulting when you note that the hot model in the skimpy top shows up right after the briefest of introductions to an actual "legendary" female stunt driver.