Thursday, August 6, 2020 all it takes is a phone call?

Original commercial here:

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"I bought lots of stuff, figuring that I'd always be able to pay my bills, then my hours got cut back and I couldn't pay for the stuff I bought or pay back the money I borrowed on time, as promised."

"This only became a problem when I decided I wanted to buy a house, and found that my credit score is really low because I borrowed money to buy stuff and didn't pay it back on the schedule I was supposed to.  It was so unfair- I broke contracts and suddenly I had this reputation as someone who breaks contracts, and couldn't find someone to give me another contract."

"So I called and had what I'll just call 'a good conversation' with the total stranger on the other end of the phone who wanted to sell me a service so was really nice.  And then the bad items on my credit score began to disappear.  That's all I'm going to say- I'm not going to mention how they got rid of Legitimate dings on my credit score, or how much I paid to get rid of them.  Just that I had a 'good conversation,' implying that just felt sorry for me and fixed it for free or something."

"Anyway, thanks to, I'm closer now to getting someone else to lend me money at a decent interest rate, even though that car industry I worked for and blamed for all my problems hasn't come back or anything and I'm actually no more a good credit risk than I was back then."

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