Monday, August 3, 2020

Freshly solves another #firstworldproblem

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Original Commercial Here:

1.  In the real world, regular shipments of "chef-prepared" meals doesn't mean "we don't have to cook anymore" unless you are already in the one percent and probably had someone cooking all your meals already.  More like "we can fire Rosa, we don't have to pay her to cook for us anymore!"

2.  This lobotomized twit takes so long to read a few words on the back of her box of 21st Century TV Dinners for Rich People I find it hard to believe she ever managed anything beyond boiling water in the first place.  

3.  Setting aside No. 1 for a moment, who is the "we" who doesn't have to cook anymore because they can afford to buy pre-packaged, pre-cooked "chef-prepared" meals?  And why did two people who both loathe the idea of cooking get together in the first place?  Oh, right- because they knew they could use their money to avoid that horrible chore they both equally dread....

4.  Let's be honest.  What Freshly really means is "guys, you don't have to include 'must be able to cook' in your Trophy Wife Ad anymore."  Now you can cut to the chase- "must be young, hot, and fertile.  No cooking skills necessary."

Of course, to the person who answers that ad it also means "keep working that Peloton bike, keep using that face cream, and keep up with the kids, because your skills in the kitchen have just been devalued. In other words, you are more replaceable than ever."

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