Saturday, August 22, 2020

More Not Available in Stores Fun: Lava Lunch

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Original Commercial Here:

1.  The woman packing the lunches looks completely dead inside even AFTER she's using Lava Lunch Microwavable Heat Packs.  Clearly microwaving hot chemicals and then using them to keep someone else's lunch hot isn't making her life worth living.  More likely Lava Lunch Chemical Bricks make her life all that much worse, because now instead of a cold sandwich and a bag of chips or veggies, those kids and hubby are going to expect a freaking full meal in that lunchbox every. Single. Day.   Or, at least, until whatever chemicals are retaining heat for "up to five hours" that are contained in these Direct from China portable toxic waste packets leach into that food you prepared and she finds herself starting a new life on her own.

2.  Are microwaves just not a thing anymore?  Ok, I guess maybe if you're a construction worker on the 15th floor of a building skeleton, or a police officer, it might be nice to be able to keep food hot for five hours....but don't most people have access to microwave ovens at their place of work? 

3.  Seriously, is it really so hard to just eat a light lunch consisting of a sandwich, a few pieces of chopped vegetables, a cup of yogurt, maybe some fruit?  I wouldn't want to eat a hot meal in the middle of the day; I think I'd pass out by mid-afternoon.  I mean, what the heck?

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