Sunday, August 23, 2020

Dennis Haysbert and Allstate, Happily Ever After?

Original Commercial here:

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Dennis Haysbert is an actual actor who has appeared in more than fifty theater-released films and at least as many television programs over the course of a forty-year career.  He's done theater work and runs his own production company.  But when he walks into a hamburger place he's "that guy" who says "that thing" in idiotic insurance commercials.  Might as well be a CGI goose or lizard.

I'm reminded of Michael Caine's reply to the question "did you ever actually see 'Jaws 3-D?'"  Caine famously shot back "no, but I've seen the house it bought.  It's great."  

Hope the money makes it all worthwhile, Mr. Haysbert. 


  1. Caine was actually in Jaws 4: The Revenge but the line still works

  2. It was either this or having junk glued to his forehead and bellowing about Kahless and what Klingons do and do not do.