Friday, October 30, 2020

"Natural Vitality" is Latin for "Keep her drugged and stupid"

1.  I think this woman's immediate reaction should be to get that blouse off and under running water before the stain sets instead of drugging herself, but that's just me.

2.  I don't blame this guy for immediately offering his life partner a cup of holistic woo the moment he sees that she might be upset about something.  I wonder what he thought she'd so if he didn't instantly medicate her with a cup of dissolved powder.  But I guess he knows, and that that's all that mattered.  Gotta protect that kid, after all.

3.  This woman looks like she's a professional on her way to an important job when she gets her blouse defaced by her spawn.  Her spouse looks like he's on his way to absolutely nothing but has all the time in the world to stir himself up another cup of warm Nothing that he bought from the local store's Not Actually Drugs aisle.  This guy has Stay at Home Dad written all over him.  Not that there's anything wrong with being a stay at home dad.  It just kind of rubs me the wrong way to think that he's spending money his spouse brings into the house on holistic BS.  Get your act together, you idiot.  Because 

4.  This woman could do better than this ugly dweeb living in the house she obviously paid for.  Rinse that blouse in cold water RIGHT NOW, change, and go to work.  And after work, don't go straight home to this.  Go out and have drinks with friends instead.  Talk to them about what happened this morning.  And get ready to watch them glance at each other, roll their eyes, reach across the table, gently take your hand in theirs, and let you know that they've been waiting for you to wake up for years and now it's time to have a very serious conversation about your next steps. 

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