Saturday, October 31, 2020

Viva Libre, I guess?

Yeah, I know it must be a real pain to stick your finger to check your blood sugar.  When I'm at home on vacation I do this for my dad every day, and it hurts just to watch when I push that little button that sticks a tack into one of his fingers.  Plus, I have never even once managed to extract the little needle from the delivery system without getting stuck with it myself.  If my dad had an infectious illness I would have caught it years ago. 

But I'm not sure I'd think it much of an improvement to stick what looks like one of those anti-shoplifting devices on your arm and then wear short sleeves so everyone on the planet can see you've got blood glucose issues- not that the people in these ads are at all interested in being discreet anyway, always just pausing during activities to check their blood sugar (seriously, what the hell?  Did they used to pause during biking to stick their fingers?  What compelled this woman to just stop riding in circles for a moment and check her blood sugar?  Just because she could, without sticking her finger with a pin?  I mean, come on.)

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