Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Weathertech: Stupid stuff for Stupid people!


The people in this ad can afford a sprawling suburban McMansion in which every member of their family owns their own cell phone....but they can't afford more than one garbage-piece-of-plastic Weathertech phone holder?  Yeah, right. 

That last guy already has a laptop open.  What the hell does he need his phone for? To carry on a conversation while doing work on his laptop?  Why does he need for it to be at eye-level?  Is he working on that laptop or talking on the phone?  Jesus, buddy!  Bur at least he isn't endangering anybody, unlike...

Um, wasn't this conversation over?  What's with the "sorry, I dropped you?"  Shouldn't he just hang up now?  

And yeah, the stupid phone-holder junk might prevent Horrible Disasters like not being able to find your phone while you are operating a piece of heavy machinery.  Know what else would be a horrible disaster?  If you crashed into someone while looking for or talking into or otherwise being distracted by that phone.  How about you just let the phone stay where it is and you keep your mind on the road until you get that thing safely parked again?  Too much to ask?  Am I kidding myself?  Of course it is!

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