Sunday, March 7, 2021

First World Problems, Indeed


Like this guy, I've spent a good chunk of the last year working from home.  That's where the similarity between my life and this guy's comes to a rather abrupt end.

Unlike this guy, I don't work from a massive, glistening kitchen while my adoring wife and children play nearby.  My workspace looks a bit more like a walk-in closet.  I can compare my apartment to this guy's kitchen in one respect- my apartment is about the same size as this guy's kitchen.

And unlike this guy, I don't have to "worry" about suddenly getting an email ordering me to go out and hire people.  My emails usually involve things like "invitations" to after-hours online staff meetings, requests to grade essays for a third or fourth time, requests to grade tests being turned in late, etc. etc. ETC.  Not "we need you to hire people to work for us."  

And unlike this guy, working from home doesn't mean I'm going to be asked to do something that requires me to find a good service to do most of the heavy lifting for me.  I don't look at my inbox and think "I need to hire a company to do this."  I mean, I MIGHT think that, but it's not really an option.  We are supposed to relate to this jackass when he's faced with the daunting task of hiring people to work for his company.  Oh, poor baby- you get to hire Indeed to find people to contact and dangle jobs in front of from your million-dollar suburban home.  In a country filled with well-qualified applicants desperate to work for fifty percent of what they were making a year ago at this time, yet. 

Again- poor, poor baby.  Don't exhaust yourself with all that "work," buddy.  I want you to have lots of energy when that meteorite crashes into your house and vaporizes your entitled, whiny butt. 

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