Friday, March 12, 2021

This Geico Commercial is something that happened on my TV for Reasons


1.  The customer in this commercial has clearly suffered a stroke, or is in the process of suffering an epileptic fit, because there's simply no other excuse for forgetting you are in a auto/motorcycle shop and believing that you have been transported to the open road where you are singing a stupid late-60s song (for which there is also simply no excuse.)

2.  The response of the employees is to cover for the customer's awkwardness by joining in with the song.  Which tells me that this is a regular customer who dumps huge amounts of money at this particular shop, because seriously...why else would these people be so quick to bleat a really dumb song like sheep so that their one customer feels less awkward?

3.  None of this has anything to do with insurance.  Which means- yeah, it's a Geico ad.  When was the last time a Geico ad had anything to do with insurance?

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