Friday, March 26, 2021

Zyrtec, Sneezing, and the Comment Section that hurts my soul


It's not even so much the commercial that's brain-dead stupid.  The guy has allergies.  He's sneezing.  WE GET IT.

It's the YouTube Comments that broke my spirit with this one.  Just look at them.  These people are kidding, right?  This is all a put-on, right?  I don't live in a country where people not only find this funny, but find it SO funny that their ribs ache, they lose control of their bladders, and they watch it over and over again at half-speed because OMIGOD ITS SO SO FUNNY LOL?

I can't accept that.  I have to get myself up and face the day every morning.  I can't do that if these comments are real.  

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