Sunday, March 14, 2021

I've been assaulted by the voice of the narrator in this Mercedes Benz Commercial


Wow, this guy is sooooo rugged and awesome and cool, with his five-day's growth and faraway look in his eye and guts to Go The Extra Mile in his, um.....Mercedes Benz Van.  I didn't even know Mercedes Benz made a van, but I guess it's the vehicle you just have to drive if you want to Go Further along that extra mile.  After all,  if  want to bring Manly Tool Boxes to your out of the way Second Home in the Country where you do Outdoorsy stuff, or you want to go off fishing, you're gonna need instant Bluetooth Connectivity along for the ride, right?

And check out the look this guy gives us at the end of this ad.  Thanks for being so punchable, jackass. 

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  1. And to think.....someone saw heroes like Wandervogel coming in 1958.