Friday, March 19, 2021

General Stupidity


I always love the "...even if you've got less than perfect credit" line in these ads.  Though it would be more accurate if it read "especially if you've got crap credit," because The General exists for the same reason Rent A Center exists- to provide a service to people who have proven themselves to be unreliable borrowers or bad drivers in the past.  Yeah, no kidding it's available "even if you've got less than perfect credit"- if you've got anything close to perfect credit, you're not going to be getting month-to-month insurance coverage with ridiculously high deductibles any more than you're going to get hyped about paying $99 a month for sixteen years for a big-screen tv. 

And driving without insurance isn't just a "bad idea." It's illegal.  In every state (yes, even in New Hampshire, where they put the dumb in Freedom.)  Driving illegally is a bad idea, sure. Was that your actual point, though?

And let's distract everyone with the "funny" tattoo accident bit.  It certainly worked with several people who felt compelled to comment below this Youtube post, especially people who were totally psyched at seeing some guy they recognized from some other show in this ad because there is absolutely, positively nothing going on in their lives at all.

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