Wednesday, March 24, 2021

More March Madness-themed crap, this time sponsored by AFLAC


So these two loud asshats have nothing better to do with their halftime show than to smash their way into the home of a woman who is already in physical and emotional pain in order to literally pile on by mocking both?

Anyone who has ever had an AFLAC representative appear at a Human Resources meeting knows why the vast majority of people don't purchase AFLAC or anybody else's supplemental insurance:  because it costs an arm and a leg (no pun intended; unlike AFLAC, I don't think serious injury is anything to laugh at.)  The woman the two noxious jackanapes are yelling past most likely didn't buy AFLAC because she didn't think she'd ever need it; it's vastly more likely she didn't buy it because she can't afford it. 

So AFLAC is the kind of company owned and operated by people who think that most Americans are just greedy, short-sighted idiots who won't do the very simple thing and throw hundreds of dollars a month that they don't have at an insurance company so they can get bills taken care of if they suffer an injury.  Not that most Americans have a hard enough time paying for the insurance provided in part by their employer.

And AFLAC is also the kind of company which will go out and hire someone to make a commercial in which two grinning, screeching idiots will destroy part of an injured woman's home and then laughingly sneer at the injured woman who Should Have Known Better than to reject the opportunity to pay for extra insurance she couldn't afford.

Seriously, take that duck, take these wastes of perfectly good skin and oxygen, and jump off the nearest high cliff, please.  Stop adding to OUR pain. 

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