Friday, September 24, 2021

Domino's Feeds the Privilege!


1.   Gotta love the "two minutes after it's ready" line.  What does this mean, exactly?  You pull into the parking spot, send a text to Domino's will be out when it's ready.  Within two minutes after it's ready, in fact.  This doesn't mean you'll get it within two minutes after showing up, which I'm pretty sure is what most viewers get out of this commercial.  It'll just be out to your car two minutes after it's "ready."  Ok.

2.  "Challenge 'us'- 'us' meaning our underpaid Pizza Monkeys- to get that pizza out to your car.  Doesn't matter if it's raining, or snowing, or otherwise very dangerous outside Maybe You Shouldn't Be Out In This Weather Getting Pizza, We've Got Other Underpaid Pizza Monkeys Who Can Deliver, You Know!  You are the Customer, Our Pizza Monkeys are our Pizza Monkeys, just pop the trunk and give an imperious hand-wave (if it's not too much trouble) to the cold, wet and above all Underpaid Drone who brought our precious pizza out to your car!  Not like anyone involved in the making or paying for of this ad is going be doing any of this!"

3.  Better yet, stop acting like Marie F--ing Antoinette, put on a mask, and come in and get your own damned pizza, you ridiculous, lazy twats.  You could use the exercise anyway, and the last thing you really need is more pretending that you are more important than you already think you are.  

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