Thursday, September 16, 2021

NFL kickoff "we run as one" ad, the only way to experience it.


That is, with the volume completely Muted.

I'm serious.  I've never watched this with the sound on, and I'm sure I'm missing absolutely nothing.  Muted, all we get is a crowd of angry-for-no-reason, confident-in-their-ability-to-pose-and-look-confident-for-no-reason jagoffs shouting at the camera, shouting at each other, and then (as noted) simply standing at us with folded arms as if daring us to unmute the volume.

Don't know what I'm supposed to get out of this (other than a blog post,) nor do I care.  It's hysterical with the sound off.  I'm assuming that it's completely obnoxious with the sound on.  I'll avoid that for as long as I can, thanks anyway.   Heck, even the NFL doesn't want this video shared on sites other than YouTube, and I can't say as I blame them...

I understand Carrie Underwood is unveiling a brand new Sunday Night Football song tonight (writing this on Sunday afternoon, sorry.)  Another reason to have the remote at the ready. 

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