Sunday, September 5, 2021

The Dark Reality Ignored by Indeed Commercials


Unless you are willing to live on government subsidies (aka welfare,) pandemic-related stimulus, or any money you can squeeze out of your friends and family Because They Have Money and You Don't and It's Not Fair, having a job isn't a Happy Bonus, it's an absolute necessity.  The people in these ads aren't filled with joy at the thought of having to get out of bed (why are half the people in this ugly commercial looking for jobs while laying on their backs?) and going to a job as the sun rises.  They are relieved that they get to Survive.  Because in our current economic system, you don't get to survive (you don't get money for food, clothing, shelter or health care) unless you can find someone to hire you (I will never intentionally use the term "give you a job," because nobody "gives" anyone a job- jobs are not candy bestowed by benevolent employers because they Care So Very Much.  Employees are Necessary Evils that Employers would love to eliminate and are always striving to do just that through tech.)  These people are not thinking "yay, now I have something to do with my day and don't have to just lie here in bed."  They are thinking "yay, now I get to eat and have shelter and see a doctor now and then because Capitalism." 

"And I get to tell my landlady that I can start paying rent again, though we'll both have a good laugh at the idea that I'm going to pay that back rent that built up over the last year of the moratorium.  Or at least, I will.  And I get to chirpily inform my family that for a while, at least, I won't be dunning them for money to support my sorry, kind-of-like-lying-in-bed ass." 

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