Saturday, September 18, 2021

It will never be Miller (County Arkansas) Time!


So this is what people in Miller County, Arkansas are doing instead of getting a COVID vaccine:  claiming to be experiencing Bigfoot Sightings?

As of this posting, only 12% of the population of Miller County, Arkansas- which gave 72% of it's vote to Donald Trump in the last Presidential Election- has taken one of the three readily Available at Your Local Pharmacy You Dumbass Crackers, Fully FDA Approved Vaccines.  Only 26% of citizens over the age of 65 have taken the vaccine.  Only 15% of adults over the age of 18 have received even a single shot.  

On the other hand, I'm guessing that at least 75% of the good people of Miller County, Arkansas are well aware that Freedom isn't Free, always Support the Troops,  and Remember 9/11 (though if they remember 01/06/21, it's almost certainly as That Day Freedom-Loving Patriots tried to Stop the Steal by Exercising Their Right of Protest, unless it's That Day Antifa Dressed Up Like Freedom-Loving Patriots to Frame Freedom-Loving Patriots.)  

And based on this video, I'm also guessing that at least the same proportion of the brain-dead knuckle-dragging zombies of Miller County, Arkansas believe that Bigfoot roams the forests of Miller County, Arkansas, Saddam Hussein attacked the US on 9/11, Hillary Clinton eats babies and Donald Trump is the second coming of Jesus.  Oh, and that masks are the Mark of the Beast and that the vaccines that Our Savior Donald Trump gave us are tainted with homing devices which also cause Autism because Biden keeps pushing them.  

So keep on keepin' on, inbred clueless hicks of Miller County, Arkansas.  Congratulations for bravely making up the Vanguard of Stupid.  And good luck in your continued pursuit of Bigfoot and dogged avoidance of Sense. 

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