Sunday, September 26, 2021

These 4imprint commercials are fascinating- terrible car wreck fascinating


The idea that so much rides on your company logo "looking perfect" on a piece of junk like a baseball cap or coffee mug or backpack nobody would be caught dead using or cheap pullover nobody would be caught dead wearing is both funny and sad.  Even worse would be finding yourself working in the 4imprint factory, overseeing the sewing or stamping of some stupid company's logo on to some piece of cheap crap that is almost certain to be left on a meeting table, in a hotel room, or somewhere else because the "lucky recipient" has no need for more trash to clutter up their suitcase, let alone their office or home. 

I wish I had a dollar for every lame giveaway stamped with some company's logo which I eventually tossed into a trash can when I realized it didn't even make a decent paperweight or keepsake from the place I got it.   And I mean that in all sincerity- I wish I had just gotten a dollar, instead of garbage with a logo slapped on it.  I've never thrown a dollar in the trash or failed to appreciate getting it. 

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