Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Chevy Silverado plays the Helicopter Dad Trope. Because we can't ever get enough of that, can we?


So this guy was willing to invite his daughter's boyfriend on their little trip to the Great Outdoors, but considers holding hands in the back seat "funny business?"  Jeeeeesus, buddy- you guys Jehovah's Witnesses or what?  If you are so worried about this kid that you need to use half a dozen cameras (none of which show the back seat, interestingly enough, making pointing out that you have these cameras kind of a moot point) why did you invite him along?  You DO know that this boy is your daughter's BOYFRIEND and not her BROTHER, right? 

I also notice that Mom seems to have no problem with with what is "going on" in the back seat.  See, that's because Mom is Totally Cool and sees her daughter as a daughter and not a possession, like Dads do.  As the cool kids say nowadays, this is so cringe. 

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