Sunday, January 2, 2022

State Farm appreciates Aaron Rodgers more than Good Neighbors, or Social Responsibility


It started with him failing to run in what would have been a go-ahead score in the NFC title game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, instead throwing an incomplete pass rather than risk a collision.  

A few moments later, the Packers settled for a field goal which left their defense forced to rely on a stoppage of Tom Brady with two minutes left in the game.  That turned out the way it normally does; Brady got the Bucs a first down and ran out the clock.

A few minutes after that, Rodgers decided to stab his coach in the back by blaming him for the decision to take the field goal instead of going for  the touchdown from inside the 10-yard line on fourth and goal.  Because Rodgers can't veto his coach.  Of course he can't.  Uh huh.

For a few months after that, Rodgers told pretty much everyone he could find that he wanted out of Green Bay.  I mean, the guy spent all spring and a good deal of the summer whining about wanting his walking papers.  He trashed his coach, his team, and did pretty much everything except get himself a COVID shot leading into the NFL preseason.

Then he showed up in a Green Bay uniform and lead his team to one of it's best seasons of the 21st century.  And contracted COVID, and then announced he was unvaccinated after spending months telling everyone that he "had immunity"- you know, like any unmasked moron in the McDonald's Drive-Thru screaming at the cashier would do.  His "personal decision" put his family, his teammates, and pretty much everyone else he came into contact with at risk, but I guess that's why they call it Freedom.

And during all of this, State Farm didn't blink an eye.  Here's Aaron Rodgers doing his usual schtick for them, yukking it up with his grinning brown-nosing stalker Jake basically doing another audition to be the next full-time host of Jeopardy.  No masks to be seen.  Come to think of it, "Nothing to See Here" might as well be State Farm's motto.  Sure fits better than "Like a Good Neighbor"- for both State Farm AND Aaron Rodgers.

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