Sunday, January 23, 2022

This stupid Tucson Hybrid "Gas Card" Commercial...


1.  Does this woman's boyfriend have any tact at all?  First of all, she's well aware that she drives a hybrid- it's her car, after all.  Second, it's not his job to judge a gift given to her by her parents.  What is the matter with you, you idiot?

2.  Why is he so obsessed with her needing gas?  Who acts like this?  She's the driver of her own car.  She can keep track of when she needs gas.

3.  Who re-gifts to the same person who originally gave the gift?  Like the dad isn't going to notice it's the exact same gift card?  And Stupid Boyfriend is at it again, ready to say "hey, isn't that the same card he gave you?" before she shuts him up.  

4.  She drives a Hybrid.  Which means- her car uses gas.  So she buys gas.  Why doesn't she want that gas card?  

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