Saturday, January 29, 2022

This Capital One Birthday Pony Commercial...


1.  What is the point of the other presents?  Where they purchased by the other guests?  Well, those other guests are going to feel really special now that their gifts are probably going to go unopened by this spoiled little brat, as her mother obnoxiously gives her a pony right off the bat.  If I were one of these kids, I'd quietly take my gift back.  It's not going to be noticed anyway after this ostentatious display.

2.  So this pony was actually wrapped in paper? Who did this to the poor thing?  Who thought this was funny, or necessary, or even practical?  It's just really, really dumb.  

3.  I just hate this woman, and hate this kid, and feel sorry for the other kids here because they took the time to find gifts for this little girl that might as well be dirt under her shoe at this point.  Again- just take your gifts back, kids.  Donate them to a toy bank at a shelter somewhere.  Some poor kids who will appreciate them will get them.  You know, kids without an insane mom who thinks it's a good idea to wrap a f--king pony.   Cripes. 

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