Friday, November 19, 2010

Who wants to see this?

Is it really a good marketing strategy for a restaurant to make commercials which deprive the viewers of their appetites?

Seriously, this commercial isn't designed to make us hungry. It's more like a diet aid. Who the hell would be stimulated to run out and buy pork drowning in bbq sauce based on these stunningly unappealing images?

We start off with two unattractive weirdos with "we don't know how to act- is this what 'I'm in love' looks like?" expressions ultimately attacking these disgusting sandwiches. And it's all downhill from there, as we move from one slob after another finding emotional fulfillment in jamming this junk into their faces, naturally leaving blobs of greasy, oily crud behind to be slopped up with napkins (or, more typically, fingers.) Uck.

The only saving grace is that it's over quickly, and these ugly pigs get the hell off my screen before my stomach has completely flipped. Oh, and that for some mysterious but welcome reason, McDonald's refuses to put the McRib on it's permanent menu, so we only have to deal with this garbage every couple of years or so. But for the next few weeks, big screens and HDTV are not our friends.


  1. I live in Memphis (a barbeque ribs mecca)and can't imagine anyone here ordering one of those things.

  2. At least it's not as bad as those Carl's Jr. commercials from a few years back. You know the ones - Dennis Rodman or some other jackass sloppily chowing down, in extreme closeup.

  3. I dont understand why McDonalds commercials always have people taking gigantic chews. They look like they jammed 6 full packs of gum into there mouth. Nobody chews like that.

  4. My guess is that they want people to eat their crap as quickly as possible, so that they

    A) won't notice the taste, and
    B) will be hungry again more quickly.

    Or maybe McDonald's just thinks everyone who eats their slop are pigs.