Sunday, November 28, 2010

'Tis the season of revolting excess- Again.

If it's December (and it isn't even, yet) it's time to watch White, Upper Class Spoiled Rotten Repulsive devotees of materialism using Family Money to buy luxury cars for their Significant Others, and to then display their total lack of taste or dignity by wrapping them in huge red bows (or, in a twist introduced this year, encasing them in massive boxes or stockings- oh how fucking imaginative and delightful these "givers" are!)

Because in an age of 17% unemployment (that's the REAL number, when you factor in the people who have simply stopped looking,) underwater mortgages, crushing credit card debt, and prohibitively expensive health "care," who couldn't relate to people handing each other $40,000 cars to grace the driveways of their $2 mil homes?

And if you are in a position to actually give someone who lives in your house a freaking BRAND NEW LUXURY AUTOMOBILE for Christmas, why WOULDN'T you advertise that fact in the most ostentatious way imaginable? I mean, it would be a real shame if everyone else in the neighborhood wasn't made aware of how great life has been for you while the US economy crashed and burned around them, wouldn't it?

Don't you just know that people who give each other cars wrapped in bows are the same type who bitch about the mere possibility that the Bush tax cuts for the top 1% will be allowed to expire next month? Don't you just know that these are the kind of people who cheer on slimebags who hold up extending unemployment coverage unless an extension of those tax cuts is included?

When society finally collapses under the crushing weight of these self-indulgent pigs and we finally start ordering Guillotines from whatever visionary French company still makes them, people who took it upon themselves to trumpet their monetary superiority like this should be moved to the front of the line. As consolation, we should assure them that they will be buried with their pretty bows. Or in some other package which reminds us that they were Better Than We Are in life, and continue to be so in death.


  1. Yeah, nobody ever wished for a small Christmas gift. Except people who want jewelry, cellphones, ipods, gift cards and cameras. But aside from those people nobody wants small gifts.

  2. On a side note. Every single person I know who is on unemployment look at the extensions as a joke and a reason to continue either not working at all and having me pay their bills or working under the table, collecting and making more than they did when they were "employed". Enough enabling people. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people tell me taking the job at the food store "isn't worth it" because the Govt will just pay them more.

  3. Yes- there are a LOT of ways to waste money on stuff you don't need without buying a Lexus!

  4. OMG! I hate those "December to Remember" commercials. Makes me want to man the barricades.

  5. I can tell Thepapers from personal experience that unemployment compensation is not the bonanza he apparently thinks it is; on the contrary, it was far, far less than I had when employed. Not to mention which, there's the having no health insurance thing to deal with. Ah, but how to persuade someone who is convinced HE is personally paying the bills of someone who is lazy and doesn't want to work? I could say "I am not lazy and I do want to work and you didn't pay my unemployment, my employer and I did," but would he listen? Probably not.

    As for these hideous personal least favorite was one from some years ago in which two doting parents informed their teenage daughter that for Christmas they had bought her "a new CD player." They opened the front door and there was her gift in the driveway...her "new CD player" was the one installed in the dashboard of the Lexus with the big red bow on top.

    Yep, most teenagers would give their right arm just to have an old beater to drive around, and this one's parents got her her OWN Lexus. Now THAT's obnoxious with whipped cream and a cherry on top, not to mention a big red bow.