Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Favorite Smirking, Eyeless Weirdo is back!

The look on the face of the guy in the first few seconds of this commercial says it all- he's just sitting outside the cafe, minding his own damned business, and the look he gives us so is clearly "oh jesus, THIS shmuck again!" makes me wonder if State Farm doesn't realize it's milked it's Wandering Sack of Smarm campaign dry and is just kidding with us now.

The rest of the commercial is more of the same- our favorite Eyeless Smirking Wonder strolls pointlessly through some hip coffee shop, barely avoiding collisions with customers and employees alike, all the time spewing some focus group-approved bs about how State Farm, and ONLY State Farm, can guide you to the Promised Land of Savings. It concludes with this overpaid sack of doorknobs settling down at a table and being handed a cup of coffee he didn't even order, for which the waitress gets barely an acknowledging nod. He didn't even have to conjure it up by bleating the magic State Farm jingle!

I'll note that the guy's coffee is delivered in a To-Go cup; is that a subtle hint, or what? Hey buddy, you found your way in- now PLEASE, find your way out, and stop lecturing us about the awesomeness of State Farm, ok?

But when you do walk out, don't expect to find Exasperated Black Guy still sitting outside- he saw you coming, gulped down the last of his joe, and took off, rather than risk listening to any more of your pointless banter. Can't say as I blame him.


  1. I personally enjoy the math- "Forty million... that's more than Geico and Progressive, combined. By a lot."

    Oooh, "a lot"... is that like, totally more than "a bunch"?

  2. I don't know- Bank of America has many, many more customers than my credit union. Does that make them a better place to go to for a loan? I really doubt it.

    Since when does Big=Better, anyway?

  3. I've noticed that mediocre people tend to be impressed by large things. As by way of example, every year, I have to watch the pile of hair on the six o'clock news gush about the latest winner of the biggest pumpkin contest.

  4. Have you seen the spot where this wonk hangs out with blacks? Truly pathetic.