Sunday, December 19, 2010

Awesome attire for when you watch two other teams in the Superbowl this year, Saints fans!

1. "There's nobody else like you"- um, unless you insist on joining the crowd and dressing like everyone else. Then there are a lot of people just like you- mindless, witless followers.

2. The song "Personality" sure as hell doesn't fit in this ad. If you think that wearing a shirt "personalized" to read "Summer Brees," "Daddy Brees," "Cool Brees" (I've seen at least half a dozen of those in the last year, and I don't live anywhere NEAR New Orleans), etc. shows off your "personality," well, I feel really sorry for you. All it does is show the world your level of wittiness. And it's not a pretty sight.

3. Anyone else play on that team? Oh sure, but they don't have this awesome last name that allows the "clever" puns to write themselves!

4. Congratulations, shop. You've made it fashionable to root against the Saints with this ad. Or at least, to root against Saints fans.


  1. Oh, geez, I'd avoided this one till now.

    I could never afford a pun-filled, custom jersey from the NFL shop, but I did snag two last-minute gifts for my 18 year old son and they were delivered for free and I got them four days after I ordered them.

    So I can't hate the NFL shop entirely. Just their advertising crew.

  2. I don't hate NFL shop either; though I have to shake my head at the notion that someone over there believes that New Orleans is filled with people who can afford $100 personalized jerseys.

  3. And the dog shirt... for the dog!

    I love my dogs and all, but I'm not dropping that kind of cash for a custom jersey for my dog.

    Like I said, not even for my own son!

  4. The commercial is about personalized jerseys, not necessarily a jersey that says some (un)witty name involving "Brees". They used Brees in the commercial because 1) a lot can be made with the name, and 2) he was MVP for the team that won the Superbowl.

    And to John: Actually, New Orleans is filled with very wealthy people who can easily afford a $100 jersey. Have you heard of the Garden District? Have you looked at housing prices in the French Quarter? Or, are you only going by what the ignorant media showed on the news during Hurricane Katrina, which was only the 9th ward (the poorest part of the city, and do not deny that every large city has this). Also, lots of Saints fans also come from places other than New Orleans, and yes, these people can also afford Jerseys. Educate yourself before you try bashing a subject you know nothing about.

  5. Um, ok. I don't think my post was worth your energy, but if it made you feel better, fine.