Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'd hate to see what's rated "Immature" the game a commercial for the Jeep, or is the Jeep a commercial for the game?

Isn't Jeep basically telling us that when it's time to take a break from pretending to be a kick-ass mercenary in mommy's basement and make a run to Seven-Eleven for Cheetos and Red Bull, this is the only vehicle worthy of your insufferably clueless, juvenile ass?

Is there really a strong correlation between people who play these Hero-Wannabee games and can afford $30,000 status symbol automobiles? (Oh, who am I kidding? There probably is. Just as youth is wasted on the wrong people, so is money.)

Does Jeep know that there are real wars going on, right now, which involve real Americans dying in real firefights? If video game technology had advanced sooner, would immature losers have been able to recreate Operation Rolling Thunder in their rec rooms, complete with a Torch The Gook Village option, back in the mid-60s? Would this have been acceptable to anyone?

Finally- is there anyone at Jeep who understands what the word Mature means? Because seriously, I wouldn't use it to describe anyone who would spend five minutes of precious life playing crap like these games, and I sure as HELL wouldn't use it to describe anyone who would plop down a small fortune to play Pretend Soldier in the suburbs by driving around in one of these stupid faux-military transports. Anyone who actually would deserves to be mocked into keeping it hidden in the garage during daylight hours.

If you see one of these Tough Guy ego boosters cruising your neighborhood, feel free to join in the spirit of Jeep and strafe it with rotten vegetable sniper fire. Hey, it's all part of the fantasy, right?


  1. This is about as twisted as it gets -- right up there with the likes of Kobe Bryant in that ad for the video game that makes actual war look like so much FUN!

    If war, black ops, and so on, were so damned easy and amusing, there wouldn't be such a need for Purple Hearts, military funeral honors, PTSD counseling, etc.

    These promotions are shameless, especially coming from people who don't know actual military service, let alone combat.

  2. Whenever my dad sees ads for these games, he tends to get snotty about it, with things like, "Yeah, because that's exactly how it was over there." followed by changing the channel.

    Thanks, Jeep and Xbox, you're inducing war flashbacks in 65 year old men who were actually there and still bear the scars to prove it!