Friday, November 23, 2012

Chevy Steps All Over Its Message in this one

This is one of Chevy's more honest ads- sure, they exploit the whole Santa as a Car Salesman thing for roughly the 400th time, but at least they admit that their Cars Crashing Through the Wilderness and Big Strong Dirty Guys NEEDING Trucks to do Man Stuff ads are basically bullshit.  That's something.

In this ad, Stupid Not Very Good Car Salesman Santa ( who btw can come up with TWO items of praise for this truck- that it's "Dependable" and that it's "Long-Lasting, too"- which sounds a lot like one reason to me) doesn't get that when unshaven slob Alpha Male Wannabee says "I really need this truck," the proper response is "let's get to work on that paperwork so you can go about your rugged, masculine business, then" not "oh really?  And exactly why does a guy with a wife and three kids who lives on Happy Cherry Lane in Levittown "need" with a truck again?"

Because you see, Stupid Car Salesman Santa, it's your job to sell these pointless Man Toys, not talk potential shlub customers like this ugly doofus out of buying one by interrogating him about his non-existent hunting and fishing until he breaks down and cries on your shoulder about how pathetic and civilized his life is.   And it is pathetic- not because hunting and fishing is pathetic, but because this guy thinks that he needs to impress a fat oaf in a white beard by exaggerating what he thinks is the measure of his masculinity.

Personally, you'd think the guy would be satisfied with having even a small part of the package- he's scruffy, unshaven, and at least showing an INTEREST in buying a rugged Man Truck.  It's better than crying, which no real man ever does.  Right?


  1. Actually, what I got from it was that he does hunt, but he hunts deer. Then, he noticed it was Santa. Since Santa uses reindeer, he was afraid that he might get really offended and tried to pull his ass out of the fire by claiming to hunt something else. Then he just stupidly rambled on and on about it in a lame attempt to be convincing.

  2. I suppose that interpretation is perfectly plausible. I guess the idea that a grown man would actually think that it's fricking SANTA CLAUS trying to sell him a truck was just too much for me to take in.

    So maybe this guy does hunt, and does think the salesman is Santa- which means he's a giant infant who already stomps through the woods carrying a gun, and now he wants another potentially deadly weapon to go along with it. Maybe I should have gone with that angle- oh well, there will be other commercials.

  3. I don't get why they wouldnt have him say he hunts pheasant or anything else but fish, seems dumb to me.