Saturday, November 10, 2012

Discover another reason why Death is not such a bad thing

Why a sudden, massive heart attack which leaves me cold on the floor would be welcome right about now:

1.  This commercial played during every commercial break of the Pittsburgh/Notre Dame contest.  Every. Single. One.

2.  The guy who wrote this commercial thinks he's clever.  You just know he does.  Douchenozzles are like that.

3.  The guy who narrates this commercial badly needs an iron spike applied to his skull.  Right now.

4.  The good people at Discover Card who signed off on this ad need to be huddled into a small, cramped room and made to watch it for 24 hours straight.  Because you know they'll never watch it voluntarily.

BTW, check out the "comments" from the children who populate the YouTube world.  For some reason only one of the drooling chimps who live over at YouTube could explain to me (and no, that isn't an invitation,) several posters felt compelled to type out the script of this god-awful, painful pile of steaming dreck.  Well, at least none of them are asking "what is this song wats the name of this song lol I love this song what is that song?'  At this point, I really have to thank God for small favors.


  1. I wouldn't even call this a song. It's just talking to a (sort of) rhythm. What isn't just a single word is still only a sentence fragment.

    The other newer commercial that sounds like nails on a chalkboard to my ears is similar to this. The new T-Mobile one with the girl on the cycle doing a "One, two, Kalamazoo" rhyme, while this omnipresent, utterly grating reverberation riff plays in the background.

  2. I've seen that one, too. Hideous. Clearly, ad men absolutely loath their audience.