Saturday, May 25, 2013

CURRENT Tostitos Commercial. No kidding.

1.  The "owner" of the "restaurant" (apartment) is a white guy, the only waiter is a black guy.  Wearing an apron. Anytime you want to get into the 21st century with the rest of us, Tostitos....

2.  "What are all these people doing in your apartment?"  Best possible answer I can think of- "well, as you say, it is MY apartment.  If it's too crowded for you, you know where the exit is.  It's the same door you used to come in, without knocking."

3.  Instead, guy directs his girlfriend to start playing waitress.  See Comment #1.

And never mind that Tostitos seems to think that the only reason people ever go to "authentic Mexican restaurants" is for the cheap chips and salsa.  Of course, if this were true, there would be no authentic Mexican restaurants, because they all would have gone bankrupt years ago.  Then again, I'm expecting intelligence from a company that thinks "black guy=waiter" and "girlfriend=waitress."  Whatever.


  1., I'm just not going to say anything. It didn't work for the Geico ad, and it won't work here.

  2. There's an expression I use when I think of ads like this:

    "Yeeccchhhh!!! Ptui!!!! The Greek word for "Wayne Newton"!!!"