Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Starvation is a beautiful thing?

This little stick figure spokeschoad for a nasty little product called "Slimful" helpfully explains to us idiots that "the secret to losing weight is simple: Eat Less, Lose Weight."  Gee, why didn't we think of that?

And how does one go about eating less?  Why, by using this product, of course.  I guess it fiddles with the brain's chemistry, conning it into thinking that one's stomach is full.  Not mentioned is the fact that generally, the brain tells us we are hungry when we are lacking basic nutrients, and tricking it into believing we don't need those nutrients doesn't translate into not actually needing them.  Our bodies still need calories and vitamins, regardless of whether we take some chemical that makes us think we don't.  Seems to me that taking Slimful is like painting over a rust spot or putting a piece of black tape over the Check Engine light.

So "eating less is a beautiful thing"-- if skinny, malnourished and anemic fits your definition of "beautiful."  If it is, then you fit my definition of "sick."

Here's a better idea ("better" meaning "good for your health, not just your twisted view of what surface beauty should look like.")  Listen to your body.  When it tells you "hey, I'm hungry," don't try to get it to shut up with chemicals.  Feed it with healthy food and plenty of water, and then help it digest and use the good stuff you just gave it by engaging in regular exercise.  Warning:  you'll never look like this sad, pale freak trying to sell you "Slimful."  But really, why would you want to?

It sure would be nice if these Get Thin Quick schemes would just wither and die on the vine for lack of customers, but we all know that's not going to happen.  Not in a culture which promotes "Less You" as an ideal, especially (if not exclusively) for women.  An anorexia epidemic is hardly my idea of a cure for the obesity epidemic, thanks very much anyway.


  1. Get thin quick schemes, I wonder why I've never heard that term before. That's exactly what they are.

  2. I put a post up about a WeightWatchers ad.


  3. See, it's people like you who make me wish they had shown the pictures of the streets with severed limbs scattered all over.