Saturday, May 4, 2013

Zales Presents another "here's your yearly pay--err, I mean, Happy Mother's Day, Honey" commercial

Ugh, this has so much manipulative bs going on all at once, I hardly know where to start.

First, I wish Commercial Land would spare the Oh It's So Adorable When He Plays Me look on Mommy's face.  Enough with the concept that when Daddy picks up Baby, he's acting like Mommy, ok?  It's his kid too, dammit.  I am so damned sick of commercials which suggest that a guy who picks up his own child is deserving of a  Medal of Honor.

Second, the first point is accentuated by the "here's a bunch of rocks held together by a string, dear."  I get a very definite "Ok, I did the Dad thing, now take this bracelet as a token of my appreciation for the fact that this is a rare occurrence and that YOU are the one who gets up at 5 AM Ninety-Nine percent of the time to take care of YOUR kid."  And more adoring looks from Zombie Way Too Appreciative Wifey- "Oh honey, you picked up our child, AND you got me a bracelet from Zales!  On the same day!  And to think Mom didn't approve!"

Pardon me while I retch at the latest reminder that every Zales commercial runs on the assumption that there are women out there For Sale for the Right Rock.  I mean, I knew that already- I didn't need to be reminded.

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