Sunday, May 19, 2013

Typical Frying-Pan-to-the-Face-Stupid from Chevy

"OMIGOD we ran all the way here the moment we learned about the sale we didn't even stop to use the bathroom we were so scared you were going to run out of overpriced shiny trucks before we got here please tell me you have one left because we ran over three small animals running red lights to get here and I wet my pants and here's my checkbook please please please tell me you have one more left who do I make the check out to here honey you fill it out I need to use the restroom!"

On television, the easiest job in the world is that of the car salesman.  Because on television, there is no such thing as a "potential customer"- just a crowd of drooling, desperate idiots who think that they are in some considerably less entertaining version of the Hunger Games, competing against all the other drooling, desperate idiots in the mad pursuit of an internal combustion engine wrapped in a pretty fiberglass and steel package.  I seriously don't know why Chevy even bothers to HIRE salespeople, when all they really need is to build gigantic vending machines capable of holding their cars and trucks.  I guess it's because in real life, some of us don't rush into car dealerships acting as if our hearts will explode in three minutes if we aren't behind the wheel of a new auto by that time, driving off several thousand dollars lighter in the wallet and with four years of monthly payments to look forward to.   It looks so much more fun on TV, doesn't it?


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