Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yes, he actually said "Accessing Brain Information" out loud

Stereotype Nerd Name:  Check.

Stereotype Everyone In Offices With Even a Rudimentary Knowledge of Computers is a fat, pasty, chinless geek:  Check.

As for the rest- kind of makes you wonder why the average office desk jockey would feel the need to seek advice from Your Company's Computer Guy on a question so mundane as "where can I buy a tablet."  So only Computer Guys notice the endless stream of commercials for tablets?  Only Computer Guys know about this mysterious corporation called "Verizon?"  What the hell?

Oh, and Pointlessly Obvious Geek is also Neurotic and Lacking in Basic Social Skills:  Check.  "Could you move your beverage away from the keyboard...." Beverage?  "'s making me Anxious."  Anxious?  Oh yeah, we get it- you are tech-savvy, which means you must be tech-paranoid, besides being incapable of talking to fellow carbon-based life forms without using stilted language.  Sigh.  Whatever.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one irritated by that commercial. I hope they got a discount from the advertising firm for that steaming pile.

  2. As a computer person and an office techie, I actually liked the commercial. No, not all people in the field look like that but enough do that it isn't an unfair representation. In my experience most non-computer people ask the most computer literate person they can see about whatever technology happens to be confusing them at the moment. Additionally, I liked the character and found him to be funny. To me it was like, "Hey let me see if I can get this guy to think that I have wired up part of my brain with computers while I answer his worthy question."