Saturday, September 6, 2014

A real Johnsville Brat

"You actually used your phone to watch a baseball game during a family aren't proud of that...."

Well, no, I imagine you aren't.  You acted like the most self-centered dicktard on the planet, when it would have been much kinder to just send your regrets and a present and stay home.  It's hard to imagine that you would have been missed, since if you're willing to pull something this douchy and stupid you've probably already got a reputation as someone who must be invited but whom the invitees kind of hope don't show up.

"But then you served up Johnsonville Brats to your buddies....and you ARE proud of that...."

Yeah, because serving up packaged pig parts wrapped in intestine is some kind of awesome accomplishment.  Well, maybe it IS for a douchenozzle who can't even get through a ten-minute wedding ceremony without watching a fucking game on your cell phone.  I'm sure your friends are impressed.  Personally, I'm more impressed by the fact that this guy still HAS friends.  They must be really desperate- or really, really like free pig parts stuffed into intestines.

I bet the newlyweds aren't at his little barbecue.  I know if I were one of them, I'd never come within half a mile of this choad again.  Man what an asshole (sorry, but I've run out of terms of derision with which to describe this guy.)

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