Sunday, September 14, 2014

I have to admit- if Apple is snarking on liberal posers here, they really nailed it assured that self-important, self-satisfied upper class dicktards are busy "contributing their verse" and being celebrated by the most self-important, self-satisfied corporation in the history of the universe.  Remember when Coke's "I'd like to teach the world to sing" seemed a little pretentious? 

In this particular episode of Self-Important Choads Doing Important Things Which Keep The Earth Revolving, "Community Activist" Jason starts his day by randomly seeking out a Cause on his electronic device.  This time it's going to be reclaiming a peice of urban blight and turning it into a garden ( I guess- maybe 5 percent of Jason's time is actually spent on the garden, the rest spent meeting people on his bike, having meetings about what an Involved Think Globally Act Locally little hero he is, and advertising that fact with his electronic device.)  For some reason starting a garden involves gathering together like-minded (equally self-important, showy faux-liberals) to make posters and t-shirts and arrange meetings on bikes and at pretentious coffee houses (because that's how you clear and plant a garden, you know.)

What planet do these assholes live on, anyway?  On mine, life isn't one big Biking Party for No Reason, and I'm kind of tired of all these "the world is waiting for you to make it better with your Apple Product" messages, Apple.  Especially as they come from a business which pays crap salaries which guarantee that the preteens who put together this junk will never, ever ride a bicycle, let alone become acquainted with the concept of a "weekend."  I bet they spend a lot of their "free" time working in urban gardens, though.  Maybe they could give Jason some tips (not that Jason is ever actually going to be doing any gardening, of course.  He'll be moving on to his next Big Earth-Saving Project long before the first seeds begin to sprout.)

Thanks for the "verse," Jason, you tool.

"What will your verse be?"  I got my verse right here, Apple.

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