Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Samsung's point seems to be "if you thought our phone was ugly, you're out of luck because soon they'll all look like this, losers."

Anyone else think that this minute-long piece of self-congratulatory crud sounds like nothing more than a witless, smug geek explaining why "the experts" were wrong when they didn't like the Samsung Galaxy WTF-EVER three years ago because now Hey Look All The Other Phones Are Trying To Look Like It?  Anyone else feel like they don't really have any skin in this game of competition between Samsung and WHO-THE-F-EVER is also claiming to have This Month's Must-Have Phone?

Anyone else think that this commercial sounds like a totally pointless wankfest that has absolutely nothing to do with anyone who wasn't so devoid of a life that they spent part of 2011 snarking on a fricking phone because they thought it "looked like a piece of toast?"

Anyone else want to hunt down the smug narrator of this crap and punch him in the nuts with a two-by-four?

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