Tuesday, September 9, 2014

If they were huddled in a circle snorting coke, these people wouldn't be as depressing

I like the scene were the guy appears to be put out because another guy has the audacity to want to get a drink of water even though hey he's sitting right there on the floor with his fucking precious phone.  And where the woman mutters "really?" at the janitor who (gasp) actually needs to use an outlet to do some actual, airport-related work.  And let's not skip over the guy who is using his phone in the bathroom- people who do that need to go to hell and I mean Right Now.

I actually do see this a lot of at airports- hundreds of people huddled around those charge centers and every outlet in sight with their phones and laptops, looking like addled drug addicts as they text and scroll and click and gaze away and try to pretend that they are in their living rooms instead of making total jackasses of themselves in public.

I mean, seriously, people.  I think it's safe to assume these idiots charge their devices before they leave home.  If they are desperate to plug in at the airport, that means that they use them so obsessively that they are constantly in danger of losing power- I guess all that downloading and streaming wears down batteries pretty fast, and hey the electricity in the airport is free, so.....

Ever occur to any of these people that just a few years ago, people managed to pass the time at airports without telephones or hand-held televisions and computers?  They'd read, or strike up conversations with other Sapien Life Forms also waiting for flights.  When did being able to use your electronics Constantly and Without Interruption become a necessity?  Now it's perfectly normal to see people crowding for outlets, complaining to others for "hogging" them (I saw a guy get a lecture because he was using FOUR sockets,) and acting for all the world as if their lives depended on being able to suck energy into their little toys until the last call for boarding is announced.  Pathetic.

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  1. Ah, but you forget one thing. These days, when you are in an airport, you are assaulted by pop music playing full blast combined with CNN cranked up to the maximum attacking you from huge screens in every sitting area. Confronted with that, I admit, I can easily be seduced to seek refuge in my phone. If only I brought noise-canceling headphones, too.